Anne - Mother of the Groom
We are delighted with the photographs and thank you so much for all your work on the day. You are one of the most competent, efficient and charming wedding photographers I have met. As someone said, 'she was everywhere, when you look at the photographs, but we didn't notice it at the time.
Madeleine and Jamie
Dear Lucy, as I sit waiting for the baby to arrive, I have been making my wedding albums - a year and a half later! I printed all your shots when i got them, so wanted to compile them in an album. I've made two and just wanted to let you know how special they are. You are a very talented photographer. The subtle shots of people in action was just what i wanted. You capture the lighting and setting beautifully and i wanted to let you know how very thankful i am to you. I love the mixture of colour and black and white ones. The black and white ones printed give such character to the album! Thank you for your work, and for sharing your talents with us, giving us life long memories! Sending wishes to you and your family, Madeleine
Steph and Oli
We can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. Our pictures are amazing. It was so comfortable with you which helped to make the day easier so thank you!
Erika and Dash
Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job with the photos. They tell the story of the whole day perfectly. We won't even try to choose individual photos! We want them all! You managed to capture all those extra special moments. Thank you so much once again.
Anice and Kevin
We are so very pleased with all the photographs you took at our wedding. There are some fabulous pictures and they all document the day so well. We are struggling to narrow them down to the album shots and the mantelpiece photo! We really couldn't have hoped for better pictures, your style is just what we were after. You have captured the joy of the occasion so well! It seems strange that this is now the end of our contact. We would readily recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer.
Kate and Thabs
We got the photos yesterday and they are FABULOUS! Thanks so much!!! I have looked through them at least 20 times already... We are really pleased with them. You definitely managed to capture the spirit of the day!
Katie and Matthew
I can with great pleasure, inform you that we have received our photos this morning. We have both been able to have a quick look through them whilst at work and I felt that I must let you know straight away how amazing they are!! I can honestly say that we could never have imagined we would receive such brilliant photos, especially the one’s you took of other people throughout the day which really show the moments we may otherwise in the years to come, have forgotten. I can not think of any words that would do justice to how much we wish to thank you for such a fantastic job. With such perfect pictures, you truly have completed our perfect day – Thank you!!
Isabelle and George
We have just come back from a fantastic honeymoon and are overjoyed by the photos. They really are far better than we could ever have anticipated and it is great to have the day sealed with such stunning memories to look back on. From start to finish you were utterly fantastic and professional without impinging on anyone. The right low-profile, unobtrusive and un-staged; beautifully composed – surprising as I normally crack the lens.
Keiko and JJ
I was hoping to be able to let you know sooner how delighted I was to receive your wonderful works of art, but I have been too busy, looking at the photos, again, and again... I was so impressed how you blended in the scene, not interfering with what's going on, yet whenever I looked for you, you were there for us. This is exactly what you told me you try to achieve when we first met. As a result you have captured some natural and amazing expressions.
Victoria and Magnus
Amazing!! Absolutely amazing! We were both stunned - really lost for words with many of them. You have done such a beautiful job of capturing the day and the occasion - and somehow you've captured the personalities of so many people just perfectly. There are some images that aren't just images, they're the person frozen in time. And the images that you caught of the 2 of us are just gorgeous. Thank you so much for what you've given us. It's going to take a while to go through them thoroughly and pick images for an album but it's going to be a total pleasure doing it.
Vicky and Will
I wanted to let you know how much I love the photographs. Neither Will nor I are relaxed subjects but you captured so many lovely and happy moments and we both felt very comfortable with you. I am so pleased we decided to go with you rather than the more 'classic' options available. I've felt this particularly keenly since seeing the photos taken at various friends' weddings this summer; I may be a little biased but I really do think your photos are in a completely different league. Not only do we have a great record of the day, we also have a collection of photographs of our friends and families that capture their personalities and the happiness of the day itself. Some photos made me cry with laughter when I saw them for the first time and others made me wish we could go back and do it all over again. It's easy to lose sense of how it all felt at the time but your photos help to bring back all those emotions.
Sarah and Andy
Thank you so much for documenting our wedding so beautifully. The pictures are such a wonderful memory of our amazing day. We feel that you have really captured the mood and it brings back so many happy memories just looking at your photos. We certainly continue to recommend you to everyone we know getting married.